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BE-Technologies was founded in 2003 in Coppell, Texas. The company has followed an ambitious growth strategy since opening, completing a major expansion in June 2009 by adding 30k square ft. to the Carrollton, Texas facility operation. 

BE-Technologies offers a variety of manufacturing, tooling, and assembly services with a focus on prototype fabrication, tooling, and short run production. The BE-Technologies’ team has a strong engineering, manufacturing, and assembly background, offering products and services to a wide array of customers in the defense, aerospace, automotive, marine, and commercial sectors.

BE-Technologies provides innovative solutions to its customers, taking ideas from general concept models and following through to yield completely developed and produced deliverables. BE-Technologies is recognized for its ability to provide customers the ‘how to make it’ expertise for more challenging projects. BE-Technologies can reverse engineer any product using the latest CMM scanning and laser profiling equipment which facilitates development of 3-Dimensional renderings. Using these reverse engineering tools, BE-Technologies can create the highest quality custom images and models.

Along with an extensive background in tooling, BE-Technologies has a proven record of accomplishment in fabricating master tools, precision alignment jigs, tooling molds used for composite part fabrication, and tooling for forming and stamping operations. BE-Technologies also specializes in the manufacture of luxury interior parts for head of state and executive custom aircraft. Our scanning department can reverse engineer any product to an accuracy of +/- .0005 of an inch.

In addition to a demonstrated expertise in tooling applications, BE-Technologies also specializes in custom manufacturing for aerospace, military, consumer, and automotive components. BE-Technologies produces master tools for composite or vacuum parts, stretch dies, structural aluminum parts as well as complex interior components for luxury aircraft interiors. We have the experience necessary to build simple and complex RTM mold prototypes for all industries with no limit to size. This “can do” reputation has been built with a business philosophy of personalized service and total commitment to quality and excellence.  Our reputation for outstanding, personalized service has yielded a growing base of confident and loyal customers.  

With a combined knowledge of seventy-five (75) years in automotive/aerospace tooling, fixturing, manufacturing and advanced injection mold technologies, BE-Technologies can develop body styling, tooling prototypes and composite parts. The BE-Technologies engineering team develops solid model tooling to produce both a low rate production or prototype components. We can help with complex injection molding issues. We can produce scaled automotive vehicles for display or wind tunnel solutions and can manufacture tools or molds for custom vehicle parts, too.

BE-Technologies is  committed to providing best in class solutions, we are confident that all customers and partners can expect success in everything that we do.




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